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A second passport can be a very powerful personal planning tool.


A number of countries around the world allow foreigners to obtain citizenship of their country on the basis of a minimum amount of investment. In most cases, it is possible to obtain the new citizenship while also retaining the applicant’s original citizenship, thus allowing the applicant to have two nationalities.


Dual nationality can be a very significant advantage, as it allows an individual to freely live, work and own property in both countries without restriction. It can provide safety in the case of a citizen of a politically unstable or unsafe country. It can also allow visa-free travel to destinations for which a visa would otherwise be required, depending on the reciprocal agreements which the new country has in place.

Mercury is able to provide advice and facilitate citizenship applications in the following jurisdictions:

The citizenship programs are typically available to the applicant, their spouse and any children up to the age of 25.


In addition, we can assist with residence permits in the jurisdictions listed below: 

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