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Our Corporate Services team caters for our clients’ corporate needs.

Once your requirements have been discussed and the most suitable corporate structure has been identified, we will proceed to incorporate your company in Cyprus, Singapore or any other jurisdiction. It is often the case that the most effective structure, taking into account the ease of doing business, banking requirements and tax considerations, will not consist of a single company but may comprise a group of companies based in various jurisdictions.

In many cases, shelf companies are available for immediate use, such as situations where there is an urgent need to sign an agreement for a new venture.

In most jurisdictions, the details of a company’s shareholders and directors are publicly available. In certain cases, a company’s financial statements may also be accessed by any member of the public. Where our clients value their privacy, Mercury can provide nominee shareholders and professional directors, so that our clients’ names do not appear on any public record.

After your corporate structure has been set up and bank accounts have been opened, you are ready to start operating. At this stage, you will be concerned with the important issues in running your business, such as closing deals, expanding your operations in new markets, introducing new products and services and making investments.

In running a business, there will be a number of “back office” functions which need to be attended to, such as maintaining statutory and financial records, paying creditors, submitting VAT returns, producing management reports and annual financial statements, dealing with tax and other regulatory bodies and addressing compliance issues.

Mercury is here to assist in all these areas. The choice is yours as to the extent to which you would like to handle these functions in-house or whether to outsource the company’s back office workload to Mercury.